Tüm Çevirmenler ve Çeviri İşletmeleri Derneği

Translator Application

The application requirements and documents for translators are listed below.

Required Documents

Documents required for translator membership


- Identity Photocopy

- Criminal Record

- (If applicable) Copy of the certificate of oath

- Diploma (Diploma, certificate, language exam result certificate showing that you know the language)

- Certificate of residence

- 2 passport size photographs

- Entrance fee and dues payment receipt

- 3 Signed and stamped reference letters from translation agencies


After the documents required for membership are received at our head office located at Meşrutiyet Mahallesi Konur Sokak 25/12 Çankaya/Ankara, memberships are reviewed. Subsequently, businesses that are eligible for membership are notified. Following the notification, the membership is completed after the business sends us the receipt of the entrance fee and the annual fee deposit to the association account by e-mail.