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General Assembly Meeting and Topics

General Assembly Meeting

The first General Assembly Meeting of the Association of All Translators and Translation Agencies was held on May 18, 2024. The members of the association showed great interest in the meeting and the attendance was high. Our members include leading translation agencies and translators specialized in their fields. This strong group of members aims to raise the standards of the translation market with quality service and fixed price policies.

Topics Discussed

Agreement with the Union of Notaries:
The details of the cooperation with the Union of Notaries was discussed and strategies for more effective use of translation services in notarial procedures were outlined. This agreement will facilitate the work of translators, improve service quality and set standards with fixed price practices.

Cooperation with the Association of Tourist Guides:
Cooperation with the Association of Tourist Guides will strengthen the role of translators in the tourism sector, improve translation quality and provide standardized services.

Cooperation with the Union of Bar Associations:
The cooperation with the Union of Bar Associations aims to raise standards in the field of legal translation and increase the competence of translators. This agreement will support accurate and reliable translations of legal documents and ensure fair remuneration through fixed pricing.

Accreditations, Collaborations with Schools and Internship Programs:
Accreditation processes and cooperation with schools were addressed to increase the professional competence of translators. Joint programs and seminars with universities are planned to contribute to translation education. These collaborations will improve the training and accreditation processes of translators and raise professional standards. In addition, internship programs have been put on the agenda to provide students with professional experience. It was suggested that through these programs, students would have the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge into practice and be better prepared for professional life. Internships, which will be provided through a joint program, will provide students with a wide range of experience.

At the end of the meeting, members expressed their wishes and shared their views on the future goals of the association. As the Association of All Translators and Translation Agencies, we will decisively continue our efforts to increase the prestige of our profession, improve the working conditions of translators and ensure fair remuneration.

Board of Directors of Association of All Translators and Translation Agencies