Tüm Çevirmenler ve Çeviri İşletmeleri Derneği

About Us

Welcome! We’re delighted that you’ve stepped into the world of translation. Wishing you great success and enjoyable endeavors ahead.


Our homeland, Turkey, needs to communicate with the countries with which it interacts in many areas, especially in trade, education and socio-cultural areas. There are thousands of languages spoken in every country in the world in addition to official languages. Due to the number of languages, people need professional linguists, namely translators, for communication.

The Association of All Translators and Translation Agencies was founded after individual translators and translation businesses came together on social media, WhatsApp and other communication groups, and after long discussions on the problems and principles of the profession, decided to gather under one roof to announce the importance and value of the translation profession as a voice, and to ensure the formation of a common mind to set international standards, especially national standards on working conditions and professional rules.

The Association of All Translators and Translation Agencies, which defends that translation is not just the translation of dictionaries, aims to bring together translators and translation agencies who are knowledgeable and dedicated about context and culture, which are the most important cornerstones of translation, to ensure professional solidarity and develop the professional standards needed.

The association, which was established in a short period of time with the support of translators and translation agencies, has been working to increase the respect and values of the translation profession while ensuring the solidarity and unity of its members since its first day of activity.


To develop and glorify the translation and interpreting profession, to support translators in improving their knowledge, skills and quality of life, and to create the synergy and strength to act in unity, togetherness and solidarity.

To serve the development, structuring and progress of the translation sector in all its aspects.

The main objectives of our association are to promote effective communication between various languages, to protect the rights and interests of translators and translation agencies, to support education and professional development in the field of translation, and to raise public awareness of translation.

To bring together translators and translation agencies working in various fields, to promote professional solidarity and cooperation and to promote a better understanding of the translation profession.


To use its catalytic role as a common platform for sectoral structuring.

To preserve the unifying characteristic of the Association of All Translators and Translation Agencies, which brings together the professional elements of the translation sector.

To bring translators and translation agencies operating in Türkiye to the global level in terms of knowledge, skills and rights ownership.


With the participation of more experienced and qualified translators, competent trainers and researchers in the field, and well-equipped, institutionalized and reliable operators in the sector, the Association of All Translators and Translation Agencies will be able to fulfill these tasks with even more power.

Each member is expected to serve the association, the sector and the profession with a sense of belonging and professional responsibility.

The Association of All Translators and Translation Agencies, which brings together the professional elements of the translation sector, must maintain its vision of being a strong platform for the sector.

The Association is a professional organisation representing the unity of all stakeholders in the translation sector who operate with professional responsibility in all fields of translation. The main goals of our Association are the public understanding of the importance of translation and translators, the professionalization of the field, the development of dialogue between stakeholders and the strengthening of solidarity within the translation world.

The importance of organisation is crucial for translators and translation agencies to gain the value they deserve in our international communication. Our association contributes to a common space of dialogue and sharing by giving importance to cooperation with other non-governmental organisations active in the field of translation.

Our Association prioritizes creating conditions and regulations that meet translation and interpreting requirements.

It is important that both solidarity and favorable framework conditions are in place to better protect the rights of translators and translation companies and to ensure that quality translations receive the value they deserve.

The Association of All Translators and Translation Agencies is a non-governmental organisation open to the broad and qualified participation of those who value the common interests of the field and dialogue between the parties.